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Latest Message: 1 month ago
  • sharaye : Hi All and welcome to Warlords of Draenor. Hopefully you have better luck logging in on Eonar than we have had on Nagrand...*mutter mutter
  • Celdina : 6.0 arrives 10/14!
  • Gubo : I decided to wait till the expansion comes out and hopefully I'll have built a new rig as well.
  • Celdina : Gubo, where are you
  • Gubo : Is anybody out there?
  • Vaelor : Moo ^_^
  • Celdina : excellent news!
  • Nibelung : Apparently all I had to do to fix the Single Sign On was say I couldn't. Today I finally found a post that said what was causing the errors and I think I fixed it!
  • Celdina : That is amazing Nibelung! I can give u list of active players
  • Celdina : MUMBLE has replaced Vent, log information is listed in INFO tab ingame and in forum
  • Celdina : You did wonderful, nice to raid with you again!
  • Reznick : Thanks again for the raid invitation, assistance and patience with me last night folks. I did have a good time Smile already started improving Rez for the next time!
  • Celdina : Happy 8th Anniversary to The First Fleet!
  • Celdina : Happy Holidays to all
  • Celdina : Lei Shin down, Seige is under way.

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